Zlyj Series Gear Speed Reducer for PVC Pipe Extruding CZPT

ZLYJ Series Single CZPT CZPT for CZPT/rubber Extruder             

Brief Introduction         .

1. ZLYJ series reduction gearbox is a transmission component that possesses large precision

hard gear surface area and thrust  block developed for plastic screw extruder. 

two.The design of product adapts all kinds of norm specified in ZBJ19009-88/it attributes

that equipment and axis components are made of high power alloy steel.                                     

3.The gear is processes by carburization, quenching and tooth grinding process. 

4.The precision of gear is grade 6 specified in GB1009588.

5.The hardness of gear surface is HRC54~sixty two. At front end of hollow input axis 

there is large specification thrust bearing that will bear axial thrust force while 

the screw is working.

six.The complete machine features compact, high in bearing capacity, stable in 

transmission, low noise, high efficiency, etc.

 Applicable scope
       Various plastic rubber industry

  • The enter rotation of prime mover shall be ≤1500rpm
  • The peripheral velocity of equipment drive shall be≤20m/s
  • The doing work ambient temperature shall be in -40°C~45°C. For each heat the lubricating oil to above 0°C when the ambient temperature is beneath 0°C.
  • Rotation is CZPT each CZPTs and backwards.

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Zlyj Series Gear Speed Reducer for PVC Pipe Extruding CZPT