Wpdka 60 Worm CZPT Speed Reducer

WPDKA pace reducer&comma worm gear box

Output Torque one&period8-2430N&periodM
Rated Electrical power &period37KW
Input Pace 1400rpm

Worm gear box
Area of Origin&colonZHangCZPTg&comma China &lparMainland&rpar       Brand Identify&colonEED          

Gearing Arrangement&colonWorm                       Output Torque&colon1&period8-2430N&periodM       Rated Electrical power&colon0&period37KW

Enter Speed&colon1400rpm                                 Output Sort&colonfoot mounted&comma flange 
Substance&colonAlloy metal&commaCarbon steel&comma Stainless metal&commacast ion &commaAluminum

CZPT or Nonstandard&colonCZPTized         Gear Heat remedy&colonCarburising&comma quenching&comma gear

Mount Place&colonFoot mounted&comma flange mounted            Certification&colonCE&comma ROHS&comma ISO9000

Coloration&colonCZPTized                Warranty&colon1 year              Ratio&colon1&sol10&period1&sol15&comma1&sol20&comma1&sol25&comma1&sol30&comma1&sol40&comma1&sol50&comma1&sol60

1&period of time Broadly utilised in turbines&comma shaft liners and axletrees&comma very good resistance to donning&comma with higher precision in proportions&comma reduce sound&comma CZPTd centric running castings
two&period Without vent and hugely precision
3&period The total structure is compact and the bodyweight is bigger

one&interval Discover of set up

1&period1 Thebase-plate should be airplane and stoutness&comma and the foundation-plate have to be screwed downand shockproof&period
one&period2 Theconnecting shaft of primary mover&comma reducer and operation device have to be coaxialinstallation&interval
1&period3 Thediameter tolerance zone of input and output shaft is H6&comma the holes of fittings&lparsuch as couplings&comma belt-pulley&comma sprocket wheel and so on&rpar must appropriately matethe shaft&comma which prevents bearing from breakage simply because of over-free mate&time period

1&period4 CZPTrssuch as sprocket wheel and equipment should be equipped near to bearings in purchase toreduce bending anxiety of hanging shaft&time period 1&period5 Whiteassembling motor of WPD reducer&comma it is necessary that suitable quantity of butterapplies to the worm shaft input hole and keyway&comma staying away from assembling tootightly and rusting right after using for a prolonged time&time period one&period6 WhenOrdering or using all types of WPD type&comma if the motor excess weight is binger than thecommon&comma supporting set is needed&period of time

2&period of time Notices of usage

two&period1 Just before utilizing&comma remember to check carefully no matter whether the reducer design&comma distance&comma ratio&comma input connecting approach&comma output shaft construction&comma input and output shaftdirection and revolving direction accord with requirement&time period

two&period2 In accordance to the prerequisite of deciding on lubricant oil in the productmanual&comma make sure you fill appropriate classification and model lubricant&period And then screw on thevent-plug&semi Unlock the little cone-plug of vent-plug&interval Only right after undertaking these&comma reducer is already for commencing up managing&period The suitable brand and adequatelubricant oil is essential&comma replacing oil in time conforming to the request ofproduct guide is also required&comma specially after utilizing very first a hundred hours&comma it isrequired refilling new oil&period of time

2&period3 Whenabnormal situations arise&comma you should quit and examine reducer for every remedies andreasons for faults of reducer &lparallowable highest oil temperature is 95&comma below this temperature restrict&comma ifoil temperature no more goes up&comma please enable reducer keep on working&rpar


Wpdka 60 Worm CZPT Speed Reducer