Stainless Steel Gear CZPT Design Goes CZPT Basic Corrosion Resistance, by Providing a Smooth Unobstructed, Contoured Exterior Surface.

Stainless steel equipment drive style goes outside of standard corrosion resistance, by offering a smooth unobstructed, contoured exterior surface. The exterior is totally free of ribs, undercuts and protrusions that do not support washdown, cleaning and sanitary conditions. Bevel Gear CZPTs are offered with stainless metal housings, shafts and hardware. These drives are CZPT in seven dimensions of worm gear reducers and 3 versions of bevel gear drives. Easy polished surfaces all around determine these drives as the supreme foods processing and/or washdown answers.

How Does A Corrosion-resistant Bevel CZPT Operate?

Compact Stainless Metal Bevel CZPTes Movies For CZPTers Orders

* Germany CZPTer Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel CZPT/Stainless Steel Bevel Equipment CZPTs Video:
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