Rubber Roller Auto Paddy Huller

Rubber Roller Auto Paddy Huller(MLGT Series)

A rice huller or paddy husker is an agricultural equipment used to automate the processing of taking away the chaff (outer husks) of rice grains. During history, there have been several tactics to hull rice. Usually, it would be pounded making use of some sort of mortar and pestle. An early straightforward machine to do this is a rice pounder. Later even more productive equipment was developed to hull and Polish rice. These devices are most widely created and utilised throughout Asia. 

The rice huller realizes the hulling function through press and twist pressure among a pair of rubber rolls and by fat strain. Rubber rollers may possibly be utilized to lessen the sum of breakage of the grains, so increasing the generate of the ideal high quality head rice. The hulled materials combination is separated into brown rice and rice husk by air pressure in the separating chamber. 

The rice husker is integrated with dust collector filter to accumulate this rice dust for disposal. Dust generated from rice mills is hugely flamable that is why correct collection administration and disposal is a must to stay away from catastrophe. The husk from the seed is currently being gathered and is largely use as an organic and natural fertilizer. Burned and combined with soil, industrial fertilizer it is currently being added in a compost pit. 

We are specialist Rice Huller (paddy husker) CZPTs Company & Exporter in China. Our rice husker or rice huller types are broadly utilised to remove the rice husk from the paddy in the course of rice milling manufacturing line, well received by the users’ favourite. 

1. Item Description
The rice husker is mainly utilised in paddy hulling during rice processing line. It realizes the hulling function by means of push and twist drive amongst a pair of rubber rolls and by bodyweight stress. The hulled substance combination is divided into brown rice and rice husk by air power in the separation chamber. The rubber rollers of MLGT collection rice husker is tighten by excess weight, it has gearbox for pace change, so that the fast roller and sluggish roller can be mutually alternated, the sum and big difference of liear pace are comparatively stable. Once the new pair of rubebr roller is mounted, there is no want to dismantle any a lot more before utilizing up, the productiveness is large. It has arduous structure, therefore avoids the rice leakage. It is good in separating rice from hulls, hassle-free on rubber roller dismantle and mounting. 

Integrated the newest tactics at house and aboard as nicely as the researches on husker of our firm, MLGT collection rubber roller husker is proved to be ideal processing tools for rice milling plant. 

two. Characteristics 
1. With double supporting development, rubber rollers are not apt to be in distinct diameter of the two finishes. 
2. Shift gears by way of gearbox, trying to keep realistic differential and sum of rollers peripheral speed amongst fast roller and sluggish roller, the husking yield can occur to eighty five%-90% No want to exchange rubber rollers prior to utilizing up, just just exchange between the rollers. 
three. Use prolonged shedding, with uniform feeding and constant functionality Equipped with automatic feeding adhering to system, easy to run. 
4. Use vertical air channel for paddy separation, with much better result on separation, less grain content material in rice hulls, considerably less rice hulls contained in combination of husked rice and paddy. 

3. CZPT parameters 

Product MLGT25(ten”) MLGT36(14″) MLGT51(twenty”) MLGT63(twenty five”)
Capacity(t/h) 2.-3.five four.-5. 5.five-7. 6.five-8.5
Rubber roller measurement
(Dia. ×L) (mm)
Φ255×254 Φ255×360 Φ255×508 Φ255×635
Hulling charge Lengthy-grain rice 75%-eighty five%, Brief-grain rice 80%-ninety%
Damaged articles(%) Prolonged-grain rice≤4.%, Brief-grain rice≤1.five%
Air volume(mthree/h) 3300-4000 4000 4500-4800 5000-6000
Power (Kw) 5.5 seven.5 11 fifteen
Fat(kg) 750 900 1100 1200
All round dimension(L×W×H) (mm) 1200×961×2112 1248×1390×2162 1400×1390×2219 1280×1410×2270

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Rubber Roller Auto Paddy Huller