Professional Factory 6yl-130 CZPT Oil Press on Sale

Professional Manufacturing unit 6YL-130 CZPT Sunflower/Soya/Peanut/Coconut Oil Push On Sale 

Description for 6YL-130 sunflower/soya/peanut screw oil push

This oil press equipment is the patented item improved by our factory,thea far more CZPTd veg. oil processing equipment, With the attribute of the straightforward construction, straightforward operation, energy conserving, lower sounds, substantial fee of oil, adaptability and ongoing functions.

The oil seeds suitable for 6YL-one hundred thirty sunflower/soya/peanut screw oil push
The screw oil push is used to press types of oil seeds for the edible oil, these kinds of as rapeseeds, peanut, soybean, sesame seeds, cottonseed, coconut, palm kernel, and so forth.

Doing work Princciple and Construction for 6YL-130 CZPT oil press
1.Doing work principle:This oil press machine uses the poer of the place modify for the substance in the chamber and the driving pressure from the scre shaft as nicely as the resistance from the tooth curve in the pressing ring.The friction power from materials pressing generates large urgent energy,then oil-segregates from the content and discharges from the urgent bar gap and urgent ring groove.
2.Structure: This oil press machine consists of five main components,which includes gearbox,push circumstance,hopper,urgent screw and principal physique.

Positive aspects for 6YL-one hundred thirty screw oil press
1.High oil produce(the charge of the outlet oil >93%),residual oil of the cake is less,crude oil is clearer,much less degums.
two.The oil push machine’s materials is much better,the equipment are put on resistance and lengthy provider lifestyle following quenching conditioning treatment.
3.For the equipment-box’s gears,undertake the specific helical&couping fear’s style and reduced noise,long doing work existence.
4.A single Yr Guarantee,large top quality
5.Raw Materials:soybean,cottonseed,peanut,rapeseed,sunflower,teaseed,copra,tung seeds and palm kernel palm pulp,casterseed,jatropha seed ect.

Primary Information for 6YL-130 sunflower/soya/peanut screw oil press

Design Ability(T/D) Energy(kw) Dimension(mm) Fat(kg)
6YL-sixty eight oil press equipment 1-one.5t/d five.5 900*530*760 160kg
6YL-80 oil push device 2-3t/d 5.five 1320*540*1571 380kg
6YL-ninety five oil press device 4-5t/d seven.five 1810*560*735 480kg
6YL-100 oil press equipment 4-5t/d 7.5 1910*610*765  480kg
6YL-120 oil push device 5-6t/d eleven 2060*610*760  650kg
6YL-130 oil press machine eight-10t/d 18.5 2100*700* 770 850kg
6YL-160 oil push equipment 14-16t/d thirty 2200*850*1560 1000kg
HPYL-180 oil push device fifteen-18t/d 30 2280*seven hundred* 770   1100kg
HPYL-200 oil press machine twenty five-30t/d 37+2.two 2700*1000* 2700 2700kg

CZPT areas for 6YL-130 sunflower/soya/peanut screw oil press

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Professional Factory 6yl-130 CZPT Oil Press on Sale