Poultry Feeding Poultry Farming Gear Speed Reducer

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Construction characteristics:

 one: CZPTcal equipment with the substantial-tensile alloy content tends to make the construction more compact, housing smaller sized, efficiency larger, output torque more substantial.

2: Hardened experiencing transmission equipment that fantastic finished has the rewards underneath: rarely distortion, large precision, stable running, reduced noise, It also can operate continually under the dreadful situations.

three:Two or a few-phase transmission, bigger in ratio assortment, every one frame size with 14 ratios from five:one to two hundred:1

four: Utilizing higher top quality bearing prolongs the use lifestyle.

5: Large-overall performance oil seal helps prevent the lubricant from leaking again to the internal of motor.

six: A few-period motor mixed the regular and complete-enclosed aluminum motor, which is excellent in water-proof, simple in heat dissipation, substantial in running efficiency.

7: Moduler blend extends the transmission ratio from five:1to 1400:1

Poultry Feeding Poultry Farming Gear Speed Reducer