PMP Gear Box PMR680 PMR700 PMR 800 PMR 1.200

PMP Equipment BOX PMR680 PMR700 PMR 800 PMR 1.200 


Concrete Mixer P3301 P4300 P5300 Planetary Reducer
The reducer for concrete mixer trucks is utilized in the transmission system of concrete mixer trucks.
The reducer adopts planetary equipment transmission, which has the qualities of secure torque driving, compact structure, considerably less servicing and long service life. The reduction equipment physique can be bolted to the mounting bracket of the body or immediately linked to the frame and connected to the drum via the output flange. The output flange enables for a particular angle of oscillation in all directions to satisfy the demands of different sophisticated circumstances. This reducer acts as a front help for the drum and drives the drum to rotate via the output flange.
We could source the CZPT hydraulic pump and motor, also the interior spare components as under product:
one A8VO: A8VO55,A8VO80,A8VO107,A8VO160
two,A2FO: A2FO5  A2FO10  A2F12 A2FO16 A2FO23,A2FO28,A2FO32,A2FO45,A2FO56,A2FO63  A2FO80 
3,A4VSO: A4VSO40,A4VSO45,A4VSO56,A4VSO71,A4VSO125,A4VSO180,A4VSO250,A4VSO500,
four,A4VG: A4VG28,A4VG45,A4VG50,A4VG56,A4VG71,A4VG125,A4VG180,A4VG250
5,A6V: A6V55,A6V80,A6V107,A6V160,A6V225,A6V250
six,A7V: A7V16,A7V28,A7V55,A7V80,A7V107,A7V160,A7V200,A7V250
7,A8V: A8V55,A8V80,A8V107,A8V115,A8V172
eight,A10VSO: A10VSO10,A10VSO18 A10VSO28,A10VSO43,A10VSO45,A10VSO71,A10VSO100,A10VSO140
9,A10VD: A10VD17,A10VD21,A10VD28,A10VD43,A10VD71
ten,A11V: A11V50  A11V90  A11V130,A11V145  A11V160,A11V190,A11V250
eleven,PVV,PV7: PV2.PVV4.PVV5.PVV21.PVV41.PVV42.PVV51.PVV52.PVV54,PV7-1X,PV7-2X
13 Other people: AP2D21,AP2D25,AP2D36,AP2D38

–Volvo 8820,7820,6620,ABG423,ABG325,ABG525
–VOCZPT, S1800, S1800-one,S1800-two,S2100, S2100-one.S2100-2, S2500.
—DEMAG:135CS, DG141CS, DF145CS
—CZPT: WTU75, RP75, wtu95, WTU125, RP125, LTU125
—CZPT: LTU90, LTU120
—CZPT: LTU90, LTU120

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Our organization can create CZPT gearbox according to customer’ requirement.

HYDROTRAC GFT is an best driving element for wheel or keep track of driving autos, and other moving gear and broadly used in excavator, spreading device, drill device, cellular crusher, engineering equipment, mining, tunnel machinery, agricultural machinery, and many others. In the meantime, distinct motor connectors and dimensions are CZPT on ask for. It is an best substitution of CZPT merchandise.

PMP Gear Box PMR680 PMR700 PMR 800 PMR 1.200