Planetary CZPT Speed Reducer Power Transmission for Torque Arm Mounted

Planetary CZPT Speed Reducer Power Transmission For Torque Arm Mounted

Important function:

  • Planetary gearbox is produced by modular layout, and can be mixed in accordance to client’s request
  • Involuted planetary equipment design
  •  Nodular cast iron Housing to improve rigidity and antiknock
  • CZPT duty bearing on low‐speed shaft, and can bear big radial load owing to proportionate distribution of   torque
  • All gears are case hardened to get large surface area hardness, which ensure transmission performance and whole gearbox’s lifestyle
  • Planetary gearbox has sixteen types for diverse torque range, and each product have 1‐5 reduction phases to achieve distinct ratios
  • Ratio variety: 3.15‐9000
  • Input energy: .25‐55KW
  • Allow torque rang: ≤ 800000N. M
  • Output speed: .425‐445 r/min
  • Framework manner: Chance of flange, foot, or shaft mounting options
  • Vast and extensive assortment of N series for industrial apps
  • Low speed shaft design: Cylindrical with key, splined, hollow with shrink disc or splined hollow shaft
  • Rigid and exact nodular cast iron casing
  • Reduced sounds managing, substantial manufacturing high quality normal
  • High and dependable performance, load ability and minimal pace shaft bearing

Information Sheet :Info Sheet :

Torque assortment 1000 … 540000 Nm Enter IEC Flange
CZPT score (n1 = 1500 min-1) up to 200kW CZPT motor
Gear ratios three.15 … 5000 Reliable input shaft with or CZPT enthusiast cooling – inch or metric dims.
Equipment device variations In line Applicable AC motors Integral motors and brake motors
Right angle (with bevel equipment established) IEC-normalized motors and brake motors
Mounting kind Foot Single and twin speed motors
Flange mounted Primary brake functions DC and AC offer
Torque-arm CZPTer brake reaction via electronically managed rectifier
Output shaft possibilities Strong shaft Major motor choices Thermistors and thermostat sensors
Splined shaft Impartial forced cooling
Feminine splined shaft Line driver and press-pull incremental encoder
Hollow shaft with shrink disc    


Planetary CZPT Speed Reducer Power Transmission for Torque Arm Mounted