Irrigation 410-X Pivot & Linear Solenoid Valves

CZPT offers a broad variety of Bermad Valves. We are an business leader in replacement elements for Middle Pivot Irrigation Systems and have the experience to aid you discover just the Filters And Screens you are searching for. Our assortment of components contains Middle CZPTs, CZPTes, Heart Pivot Structural Elements, Tower Packing containers, and Sprinkler Offers. CZPT is an unbiased areas supplier and is not affiliated with Lindsay/Zimmatic, Reinke, Pierce, Olson, or Lockwood. Buy your valves Nowadays!

We are distributing Bermad goods, the four hundred Sequence is made for commercial and agricultural irrigation.

Features and Benefits:

CZPT Management Valve

– Line stress pushed

– CZPTally managed On/Off

CZPT Control Valve with Solenoid Control

– Line force pushed

– CZPTally managed On/Off

– Appropriate also for distant and/or elevated methods

CZPTd Globe Hydro-Efficient Layout

– Unobstructed stream route

– Solitary moving component

– High circulation capacity

Completely Supported & Balanced Diaphragm

– Demands lower opening and actuation force

– Progressively restrains valve closing

– Helps prevent diaphragm distortion

Person-Friendly Style

– Basic in-line inspection

– Easy addition of handle functions



Irrigation 410-X Pivot & Linear Solenoid Valves