Helical Toothed Hardening Planetary Planet Gear

CZPTcal Toothed Hardening Planetary Earth Gear

Our firm is recognized 22 a long time, Higher high quality, extremely CZPT in China, the best three in the market. 
Principal goods: synchronous pulleys, Gears, reducers. Over five hundred personnel.

Positive aspects
Good high quality products
Competitive rates
CZPT supply
Very best right after-sale provider
Brand:  iHF or OEM & ODM

CZPT CZPTcal Equipment

Primary Functions:
CZPTcal Gear
one. Produce strictly in accordance with ANSI or DIN regular dimension
two. Materials: 45 Carbon Steel
three. Bore: Concluded bore
four. Module: one~8

Product name  CZPTcal Spur Gear
Materials Available  forty five Carbon Metal, Stainless Steel 
BORE Completed bore, Pilot Bore, Special request
Processing Method Molding, Shaving, Hobbing, Drilling, Tapping, Reaming, Guide Chamfering, Grinding and many others
Force Angle twenty Diploma
Hardness forty five~ 55HRC
Dimension CZPTer Drawings & ISO standard 
Package deal Wood Case/Container and pallet, or made-to-buy
Certificate CZPT:2008 


Amount Number of Teeth Shaft Bore Dia. AH7 (1mm Increment) Twisting Route B C D E F G
Kind Module Straight Bore Straight Bore+Faucet Keyway+Tap
Straight Bore

Straight Bore+Tap


one. twenty 6 eight L(Still left)


17 twenty 22 eight ten eighteen
22~ 28 eight eight~thirteen 18~20 22~28 24~30
thirty~forty eight 10 ten~seventeen twenty five~30 30~48 32~fifty
fifty~70 12 twelve~17 35~forty 50~70 52~seventy two
eighty~a hundred 15 fifteen~30 50 eighty~a hundred eighty two~102
1.5 20~26 12 12~17 24~32 30~39 33~forty two 12 twelve 24
28~44 fifteen fifteen~thirty 36~fifty forty two~sixty seven.five forty five~70.five
45~fifty two eighteen 18~forty 50~sixty seventy two~78 75~eighty one
60~a hundred 20 twenty-50 sixty~70 ninety~one hundred fifty 93·153
2. 15~18 12 12~17 24~30 thirty~36 34~forty sixteen 13 29
20~28 15 15·22 32~45 forty~56 44~60
thirty~36 18 eighteen~forty fifty 60~seventy two 64~seventy six
forty~forty eight 20 20~forty four sixty 80~96 84~100
50~100 twenty five twenty five~60 60~100 a hundred~200 104~204
2.five fifteen~eighteen fifteen fifteen~thirty 30~38 37.five~45 forty two.5~fifty 20 fourteen 34
twenty~24 eighteen 18~forty 40~48 fifty~60 55~sixty five
twenty five~36 20 twenty~fifty 50~70 sixty two.five~90 67.5~95
40~60 25 twenty five~70 70~eighty 90~one hundred fifty ninety five~155
3. 15~18 18 eighteen~22 36~forty forty five~fifty four 51~60 25 16 four


Purposes Toy, CZPT, instrument, electrical products, home appliances, home furniture, mechanical gear,daily residing gear, electronic sports activities equipment, , sanitation equipment, market/ hotel products supplies, and so forth.


Helical Toothed Hardening Planetary Planet Gear