Dynapac, CZPT Gear Box 4812 0571 18

4812 571 18  

Dynapac, Drive Equipment BOX 4812 571 eighteen

Final drive gearbox for all the Asphalt Paver  4812571194  DYNAPAC 2530   GEARBOX  4812571193 GEARBOX CPL. 4812571194 GEARBOX CPL
the reducer design you can select:
–Volvo 8820,7820,6620,ABG423,ABG325,ABG525
–VOCZPT, S1800, S1800-1,S1800-two,S2100, S2100-1.S2100-two, S2500.
—DEMAG:135CS, DG141CS, DF145CS
—CZPT: WTU75, RP75, wtu95, WTU125, RP125, LTU125
—CZPT: LTU90, LTU120
—CZPT: LTU90, LTU120

one, good top quality
2, lower value, Unique CZPT motor reducer
three, provide shortly
Our business can generate CZPT gearbox according to customer’ requirement.

HYDROTRAC GFT is an ideal driving part for wheel or observe driving autos, and other moving tools and widely utilized in excavator, spreading device, drill device, cellular crusher, engineering equipment, mining, tunnel equipment, agricultural machinery, and many others. Meanwhile, diverse motor connectors and dimensions are CZPT on ask for. It is an ideal substitution of CZPT items.

Dynapac, CZPT Gear Box 4812 0571 18