Double Enveloping Worm CZPT Speed Reducer

CZPT Enveloping Worm CZPT Velocity Reducer

As one of  CZPT double enveloping worm equipment producers,CZPT’s double throated worm gear has advantage of Large performance, lower sound, sleek procedure , it enhance output torque that mean increasing loading potential , enhanced equipment precision, and prolonged Prolonged existence services time period . in CZPT double enveloping worm equipment layout ,based mostly on different ratio, it has Multi-tooth meshed, permitted bigger peak load . with the increase of  number of pushed equipment tooth , that mean in get in touch with with the worm significantly raises output  torque power. except escalating the variety of pushed gear teeth in make contact with with the worm,  double enveloping worm equipment also increase the speak to surface on every gear tooth. The actual gear surface of instantaneous make contact with amongst the double throated  and the driven gear tooth are in-traces. These strains of contact transfer across the experience of the equipment tooth as it progresses by way of its complete time of mesh with the worm. The lines of contact in double enveloping worm gear are configured to enhance the  force and decrease the tension on every gear tooth.

In term of  difference of double enveloping worm equipment design and style and  traditional worm gear design ,  double enveloping worm equipment design has larger driving performance than standard worm equipment ,  Substantial torque double enveloping worm equipment adjust hardest functioning situation , Increasing loading capability .  Prolonged lifestyle services period of time than traditional worm equipment , and CZPT design for numerous application  .

CZPT data:
one. Ratio range: 10-63
two. Input energy: one.five-450KW
three. Allow torque rang: ≤40000N. M
four. Construction manner: Likelihood of flange, foot, or shaft mounting options

one. double-enveloping worm gearing,three-5 teeth make contact with
two. tiny volume ,huge potential
3. three-5 occasions than universal worm gear
four. higher effectiveness,66%-91%


ratio  10-63
electrical power ranking  1.5-450kw
torque rating  up to 40,000N.m


Double Enveloping Worm CZPT Speed Reducer