CZPTized Planetary Gear Reducer Planetary Gear Reducer

CZPTized planetary equipment reducer

CZPT planetary gear
CZPT planetary gear deceleration machine: it has substantial precision, powerful rigidity, big load, large performance, broad speed ratio, prolonged support existence, low inertia, tiny vibration, reduced noise, lower fever, beautiful, gentle and tiny framework and characteristics of practical installation, positioning precision, suited for ac servo motor, dc servo motor, stepping motor,CZPT motor velocity up and pace down transmission .Implement to any company in the planet to manufacture the driver product url , such as: CZPT, CZPT, CZPT, Schneider,Fanak, Kobe, kohl CZPT, AMK, Parker and so on.


one. Planet CZPT

The integrated double assistance framework is adopted, and the front and rear bearings are dispersed in the box with big span to make sure substantial torsional rigidity and accuracy.

2. CZPT gear

The equipment content is made of higher top quality alloy steel, which has the best put on resistance, impact resistance and toughness after the therapy of carbonitriding.

three. Seal ring

ANSYS technological innovation carries on the finite component investigation to the gear energy, lowers the measurement influence and the sound, boosts the services life.

four. Gear ring

The integrated design with the output shell adopts large-quality metal with higher toughness and precision.

five. Input shaft

The double bolts are symmetrically distributed with the tightening system, effectively stopping the motor shaft from slipping.

six. Surface

CZPTd surface area treatment method is abrasion resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant.



Solitary phase drive with reduction ratio 1:87, higher effciency.

Input shaft and ourput shaft are in the very same axis, so it is compact in composition. .

Cycloid gear with higher overlap coefficient, regular the machine and lower the sounds.

The reducer is made by bearing steel, it’s has a prolonged sevice life.


matching motor(W) LA LZ S LR LB LE LC
two hundred 70 four-M4 Φ11(F7) 35 Φ50(H7) 5 sixty four
four hundred 70 four-M4 Φ14(F7) 35 Φ50(H7) 5 64
750 90 4-M5 14F7 35 70(H7) five 90
a thousand 115 4-M8 19F7 55 95(H7) 5 a hundred thirty
1500 145/one hundred thirty four-M8 22/24(F7) 65 one hundred ten(H7) 10 130
2000 165 four-M10 32F7 sixty five one hundred thirty(H7) 10 130


CZPTized Planetary Gear Reducer Planetary Gear Reducer