Short Pitch Conveyor Chain Attachments A-1 K-1

Short pinch conveyor chains can be problematic as it restricts chain mobility. To avoid this problem, you should measure 26″ chain pitches and compare them to 10′-0″ measurements. To test elongation, unscrew 1 side of the drive chain track, remove a pendant, Then observe the engagement of the drive chain pawl with the conveyor chain to ensure adequate lubrication to prevent chain runout.
The collet transports crop residues from the ground to the top of the module. Then, the cross slats and flexible conveyor chains pull the stems and root balls away from the clamping cylinders. Then, the release assembly 12 releases the crushed stems and root balls.
Short pinch conveyor chains have several advantages. They are used when the product is too small to fit on the conveyor rollers. The end rollers of a typical conveyor are about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

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Sprockets for Short Pitch Conveyor Chain

Before installing sprockets, it is important to check the centerline of the roller chain drive. The centerline can be horizontal or vertical but should not exceed 60 degrees. Otherwise, the roller chain may slip off the sprocket due to slight elongation. To correct this, use an idler pulley or guide block. Also, remember to adjust the center-to-center distance of the sprockets if the travel distance is short.
A properly designed sprocket will prolong the life of the chain. If the chain fails to engage the sprockets, it usually needs to be replaced. Proper selection of the right chain will ensure a long service life and prevent damage or premature wear. While various sprockets are available for different chains, each is designed to fit the chain perfectly.


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