China CZPT Brand Hard Wood Mahogany Teakwood Pellet Mill CZPT

Biomass Pellet CZPT/Wood Pellet Mill/Straw Pellet Producing Tools

The pellet device is commonly employed to press difficult substance, gentle wooden, agricultural resides into gasoline pellet.
   Its gearbox adopts impartial research and development huge gear five-amount transmission
the tooth area is widened by 20mm, the modulus is enhanced, the degree of meshing is huge, so the load bearing ability is increased, and the operation is much more steady.


This pellet machine is quite appropriate for uncooked resources this sort of as:

1. Wooden waste: tree branches, trunks, barks, sawdust, etc.
two. Agricultural Residues: Crop straw: cornstalk, wheat straw, rice straw, cotton straw, rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell, etc.
3. Others squander: EFB, PKS, bagasse, Coconut, Cocoa husk

This Pelle is broadly utilised for burning as fuel in:
Biomass strength plant, Electricity plant, Wooden processing plant, Chemical plant, Foods goods manufacturing unit, Vineyard plant and so forth.

Specification  of Ring Die Pellet CZPT with massive gear reducer

Product Electricity(kw) Capacity(t/h)
SZLH580 90 one.2-one.five
SZLH660 132 1.8-two.
SZLH700 a hundred and sixty 2.-two.five
SZLH860 220 two.3-3.five

Specification  of Ring Die Pellet CZPT with traditional reducer

Product Electricity(kw) Capacity(t/h)
SZLH470 55 .8-one.
SZLH560 ninety 1.two-one.5
SZLH760 a hundred and sixty one.five-two.5
SZLH850 220 2.5-three.five

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Shipping of Biomass Pellet CZPT

Our merchandise have been used in thirty+ nations and regions.

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We have effectively mounted almost 700 comprehensive pellet production lines 


About Kingoro

Proven in 1995 , with twenty five many years of manufacturing expertise. 
As high-tech and brand name organization, products through the provincial quality inspection, 
our manufacturing unit is designated suppliers for government projects.

Major solution:
A.Comprehensive Pellet Production Line
   wood chipper, hammer mill, screener, mixer, rotary dryer, pellet device, pellet cooler, packaging equipment.
B: Biomass Pellet Mill
    1.Vertical ring die pellet machine       2.Flat pellet device
C. Feed Pellet Mill
D. Pellet burner

Certificates: IS0, CE, and SGS 

Certification of Kingoro Pellet creating equipment


China CZPT Brand Hard Wood Mahogany Teakwood Pellet Mill CZPT