Ce Certified Flail Mower  AG140 for Farm Tractor 35HP-45HP

CE Accredited Flail Mower (Mulcher) AG140 for Farm Tractor 35hp-45hp


– The AG Series Flail Mowers are a super large obligation flail mower created for large areas, roadside verges, orchards and basic farm locations
– Twin-mount for making use of at front or rear of tractors
– CZPT aspect shift
– Excellent for preserving more rugged landscape areas like weighty grasses, storm debris, sticks, vines and more areas about farms, properties, parklands and roadsides.


– Dual mountable since of double head gearbox
– Suited to tractors with front or rear PTO and hydraulic controllers
– CZPT aspect shift allows the AG flail mowers to lower shut to farm boundaries, around obstructions and trees as effectively as roadsides
– AG flail mowers are equipped with a high energy 50hp gear box
– Reducing top controlled by adjustable skids
– Substantial energy mulching blades
– Basic safety flaps
– Further robust and developed with basic safety in thoughts
– Help leg for storage
– Strong hitch
– Rear roller.

Model AG-a hundred and forty AG-a hundred seventy five AG-two hundred AG-220
Dimension (L*W*H) 1540*985*1005mm 1840*985*1005mm 2140*985*1005mm 2340*985*1005mm
Structure weight 320kg 370kg 410kg 460kg
Slicing width 1380mm 1680mm 1980mm 2180mm
Operating performance 4600-12400m2/h 5400-14000m2/h 6600-18000m2/h 7000-20000m2/h
PTO turning pace 540r/min 540r/min 540r/min 540r/min
PTO spline six*eight*900mm 6*eight*900mm 6*8*900mm six*8*900mm
Energy needed 35-45HP 40-50HP forty five-60HP fifty five-85HP


Ce Certified Flail Mower  AG140 for Farm Tractor 35HP-45HP