Bonfiglioli Ta Series Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer for CZPT Belt

Bonfiglioli Ta Series Shaft Mounted Equipment Reducer for CZPT Belt

Item Advantages:

1) All torque arms/fulcrums are plated to remove them getting rusted in use.
two) The shaft mounts have labyrinth sealing on the conveyor conclude and input shaft stop so that the oil seal is protected from contamination.
3) The entrance stop of the shaft mount has a hub protect to safeguard the entrance oil seal as properly as transferring portion of the gearbox.
four) Input shaft front bearing is a roller bearing as it requires in more radial load from the belt stress.
five) Breather plugs are extended so that the dust does not clog the breather hole.
six) All oil seals imported from ZheCZPT .
7) Our equipment units now have greater load potential as the gears have been redesigned.
8) All gears are case carburised to a casedepth and ground inhouse.
9) All equipment models are machined on a CNC machining heart so are very accurate in alignment.
ten) Finish of all equipment units are considerably excellent to any other manufacturer becoming bought out of India.
eleven) The shaft mounts are CZPT with keyed hollow shafts or hollow taper bores with taper clamps.


1. CZPT conveyors, belt conveyor bulk handing equipment and procedure equipment for: Baggage handing.
two. Mixture and mining.
3. Mixers and approach equipment.
4. Grain and agriculture.


Bonfiglioli Ta Series Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer for CZPT Belt