Anon Self Propelled Harvesting Grain Paddy Bagging CZPT

ANON Self Propelled Harvesting Grain paddy bagging machine
This Amassing and Bagging CZPT is primarily utilised for cleansing and collecting the cereal crops, which includes paddy rice / wheat / grain / corn / sesame / rape seed etc, after drying beneath CZPT and bagging it immediately. It is made up of power system, main metal frame, car clutch transmission system, equipment box system, spiral propeller accumulating system and cleansing technique.

Attribute of sun ground automatic cocoa bean paddy collecting equipment price tag in Thailand Malaysia
1.Multi-purpose: Accumulating and bagging rice, wheat, corn and other grain crops.

2.Collectiong Rate more than 99%

three. Efficient: can collect six,000 kg of grain for every hour. With experienced operation, we can gather 60-a hundred luggage of grain per hour.

four. Easy to operate: automated walking, automated collection, convenient for changing bags.The operator can only observe the height of the grain in the woven bag and adjust the woven bag in time

five. Ideal for broad floor: it can be utilized on cement floor and asphalt pavement.

Specification of sun floor automated cocoa bean paddy gathering equipment value in Thailand Malaysia



Supporting electricity

170F 6hp gasoline motor

The minimum gas consumpition charge


Operating effectiveness


Max collection width


Transmission method

Centrifugal clutch+turbine gearbox+driving gear box

Relocating manner




Overall bodyweight


Admirer pace


Accumulating charge


Loss fee



Conntect grains, beans, seeds from land, with cleaning and bagging perform

Anon Self Propelled Harvesting Grain Paddy Bagging CZPT