Anon Rice Wheat Combine Harvester with CZPT CZPT


This device is conjoined construction, handy set up, with tire track, suitable for deep mud region, double harvesting cutter with large efficiency, lower fuel consumption, outdoors circle framework to stop weeding, clear threshing, much less missing, big heave amplitude of chopping platform, and suitable for various peak of paddy crop. Winnowing is not affected by the dew. It is the best selection for village house to harvest paddy and wheat in mountain and hilly location. It also has the advantages of clean winnowing, considerably less paddy loss, compact composition, considerably less faults, not influenced by the dew. It can function below any weather problem.

Feature of Anon Rice Wheat Mix Harvester with CZPT CZPT
1.Blend harvester can be utilized to harvest wheat ,rice and paddy. It brings together 3 capabilities:cutting, threshing and amassing grains into the bag. 
two.This sort of machine specially suited for the mountainous and hilly area
3.The rice wheat combine harvester consists of scrabbling the grains feeder, cutter, shipping and delivery cylinder,threshing cylinder,sieve, grain convey screw, grain conveying outlet, wheels, engine, straw outlet .With tiny dimensions, light, simple to run.

Specification of Anon Rice Wheat Combine Harvester with CZPT CZPT



Whole losses(%)

Rice≤3. ,wheat≤1.two

lmpurity fee(%)


Breakage charge(%)




Slicing width(mm)


Pure discipline potential(ha/h)


Gas usage


Composition Kind

Entire feeding,Self propelled,keep track of

Keep track of

350mm*90mm*forty six



Feed charge(t/h)


Dimensions at work, LxWxH(mm)


Diesel engine horsepower(kw/rpm)


Floor strain(kpa)


Travel speeds

six speeds CZPT,2 speeds backward

Mini.ground clearance(mm)

two hundred

grain Tank

.3m3 or .7m3

Cleaning kind

CZPT sieves + blower + re-thresher

Grain unloading strategy

Sacked & Car unloading

More element of Anon Rice Wheat Merge Harvester with CZPT CZPT
1. Massive grain tank

2.Tough rubber keep track of for wet and muddy paddy discipline

3.Merged rice cutting and threshing in when device

four.CZPT Reducing width for selecting

5. Very easily procedure and transportation

six.Comprehensive threshing

7.Distinct separation

8.Low grain breakage

nine.Substantial grain cleanness

10.Good maneuverability in the damp and soft field

11.High quality motor with sufficient energy reserve

twelve.Minimal vibration and lower sounds



Anon Rice Wheat Combine Harvester with CZPT CZPT