Anon Low Price Wheat Reed Corn Rice Reaper and Binder CZPT

ANON Low Cost Wheat Reed Corn Rice Reaper and Binder CZPT 

The rice reaper binder machine is a sort of guy-keeping & self-strolling harvesting device. It is the new product with the CZPTd technology and possess patent appropriate in China,with the renovated area, strengthened applicability, improved performance, much better dependability and optimized technical structure. The equipment is mainly employed to harvest and bind grain and wheat.
In addition to reducing the tiny-grain crop, it would also tie the stems into modest bundles, or sheaves.

Characteristic of AN4K-50 agriculture CZPT diesel engine reaper binder
one.Compact construction,Modest volume,Effortless to operate,Adaptable steering, Self-outfitted motor,can transferring, handle crops, harvest, bind and place the crops automatically.

two.The machine geared up with 2+1 compound gearbox and rigidity wheel clutch,variable speed flexible and simple to move.

three.CZPT outlay Cutting-System oil provide program

four.The crop supporting system utilised tilting express finger transmission,have considerable result to transmit and harvest the tilting and lodging crops.

5.It really is with transformation differential system,slewing versatile.Adapt to harvest crops in different terrain.

6.Can adjustable handle and optional gears ideal for diverse men and women.

Specification of AN4K-fifty agriculture CZPT diesel engine reaper binder





 Total weight




 Bundled way

automated mechanical

 Rope type

  plastic rope

 Cutting table way


 Cutting width


 Cutting kind


 Fu Wo techniques


 The whole loss price


 Bundle fee


 Cutting height


 Root length




 Unit gasoline consumption




Depth of AN4K-50 agriculture CZPT diesel motor reaper binder
one.Japan mitsubishi motor adopts 6 horsepower engine, easy to start off, lower fuel use.

two.Wander paddy wheel is widened, the ground foundation spot is greater, interior tube, can be used inflatable. With differential gadget, can be switch about in situ

3.The handle handlebar can be freely adjusted around 180°, vertical 30°adjustable, much more versatile to function in distinct field .

four.The header working principle is the very same with merge harvester, it can harvester lodgy crops.

five.Baling wire adopts special plastic,Can endure forty n pulling pressure,Properly assure the fee of bundles,And sunscreen, anti-aging,In the market place the regular plastic rope rigidity is not adequate,Uneven thickness,Use this machine must purchase special banding rope,Normally there is no guarantee of bundles

six.Driving sort: shaft, torque is greater, a lot more productive.

seven.In order to comments the masses of users ,We are happy to provide free Baling wire 5 bundles, one set of tools and other simple damaged parts for totally free with the device


Anon Low Price Wheat Reed Corn Rice Reaper and Binder CZPT