Anon Hand Self-Propelled Onion Tomato Tobbaca Automatic Vegetable Transplanter

ANON Hand self-propelled onion tomato tobbaca automated vegetable transplanter 

Sort Hand self-propelled
Measurement 2250*1400*1380mm
Bodyweight 340kg
Power Gasoline motor three.5hp
Rated velocity 1800 r/min
Wheel monitor 800-1100/850-1200 mm
Wheel base 80mm
Wheel design four.00-10/four.00-7
Planting sort Duck mouth hanging cup
Rows 2
Working speed one-one.five km/h
Operating ability .1-.13 hec/h
Strolling velocity one-two.six km/h
Row spacing 250-five hundred mm(adjustable)
Planting Depth 60-120 mm
Operation folks 3

Specification and Purpose:

This machine has a lot of sensible features these kinds of as computerized driving, transplanting, horizontal seedling throwing, and many others.

The motor is outfitted with a gasoline motor to create electrical power, and the operation of different parts is managed by way of a gearbox and clutch. The electricity produced by the motor is transmitted to the main shaft via the gearbox, and the main shaft drives the driving wheels via a chain drive to push the device to travel. The user can modify the gearbox place to achieve diverse driving speeds as required. The transplanting elements are driven by a chain wheel that runs synchronously with the major shaft through a chain drive, and are driven by each generate shaft on the transplanting major board to rotate the double crank linkage system, therefore driving the transplanting duckbill to comprehensive the reciprocating round movement. The movement is combined with the CZPT motion of the device, which can ensure the vertical increase and drop of the duckbill and recognize the vertical transplanting of crops. The opening and closing of the transplanted duckbill is managed by a pull wire. In the non-transplanting area, the person can adjust the clutch according to the needs to decide the device is transplanting or not, the operation is practical.

Altering the modifying sprocket of the transplanting transmission mechanism with distinct figures of tooth can modify the planting distance of crops and realize the adjustable plant spacing to fulfill the planting wants of different crops. The horizontal seedling throwing unit is adopted for the seedling placement to ensure that the operators have sufficient time to drop the seedlings, which successfully decreases the fee of transplanting seedlings.
The transplanting device is specially suitable for transplanting several sorts of seedling crops with nutrition pots, this sort of as tobacco, pepper, eggplant, tomato, sugar beet, and so on. in little plot areas these kinds of as mountainous regions, hills, and plastic greenhouses.


Anon Hand Self-Propelled Onion Tomato Tobbaca Automatic Vegetable Transplanter