Anon Cheap Price 6 Rows 8 Rows Riding Type Rice Transplanter

ANON  cheap price six rows eight rows riding variety rice transplanter

The transplanter entirely imitate manual transplanting motion, seedling, transplanting depth can be adjusted, 240 spaced rows can be self management, effect and in specifically the exact same.

The device weight less than 20 kilograms, CZPT electricity, manual procedure, straightforward and durable, for every hour transplanting .five – .eight acres. Without having unique seedling, traditional technique of boosting seedling can be, and throwing and other rice transplanter in contrast can save the price of seedling, of system, but also for in factories CZPT mud seedling expanding and transplanting.

The rice transplanter on seedling and mud, the plots condition to adapt to a broad range, which is suited for simple location, is mountainous spot, hilly region to recognize mechanized transplanting the best transplanting tools.

Attribute of  cheap value 6 rows 8 rows riding variety rice transplanter
1.Outfitted with new variety seedling guard board, which can make sure the seedlings planted upright, orderly.
two.Stainless metal seedling tray is much more durable.
three.Adjustable seat and steering gear box make the equipment work far more relaxed and easier
four.Configured motor can make the equipment performable and with lower noise.
five.Optional seedling rows. Our device has distinct types with various functioning rows to fulfill customer’s prerequisite.
six.CZPT more than experience method can go the floating board upward, left up and correct up.
seven.Lower noise created transplanting arms can assist driver to judge transplanting situation timely. 
eight.Efficiency. The paddy planter can transplant far more than .2 hectare field for every hour.
9. Time conserving and labor conserving. The rice transplanter device can transplant the seedling swiftly and with considerably less than two people.
ten. Adaptable. The machine is with compact composition and tiny quantity can operate in the field simply.

Specification of  cheap value 6 rows 8 rows driving sort rice transplanter

Model Engineering Specification
  Device Specification
2Z-8238 Type   Paddy wheel ride type
Dimension( LengthxwidthxHeight) (mm) 2700×2165×1250
Fat (kg) three hundred
Motor Name   175F/178FS Digital start 
Motor Electricity (kw/rpm) three.68/2600
kind   Air cooling 4 stroke diesel Engine
Functioning strains   8 lines
Operating speed (km/h) .72-2.09
Line length (mm) 238
Seeding length (mm) 200:160170:140140:120
seeding depth (mm) 15-35 
Doing work potential arce/hour .five-.8
paddy wheel structure   iron wheel
diameter (mm) 612
Transplanting framework   crank rocker composition

Element of gasoline power quickly pace riding variety six rows rice transplanter

Anon Cheap Price 6 Rows 8 Rows Riding Type Rice Transplanter