Anon Boat Tractor for Paddy Field Tillage with Implements


Our boat tractor has the positive aspects of light weight, minimal cost, higher performance, minimal gas usage, good tillage high quality and adaptability. It not only has the functions of traditional tractors, but also has the perform of doing work in the paddy.


Model ANJC-509 ANJC-7049 ANJC-7049L
Dimension 3500X1800X2290mm 3500X1800X2290mm 3500X1800X2290mm
Fat 1500kgs 1550kgs 1550kgs
Rated Energy  37KW 53KW 53KW
Operating efficiency Dry field:.6-.8ha/h Paddy field:.five-.7ha/h Dry subject:.54ha/h Paddy subject:1.04ha/h Dry subject:.54ha/h Paddy subject:one.04ha/h
Gasoline use <245 g/kw.h Dry discipline:8.5kg/ha Paddy subject:eight.1kg/ha Dry area:8.5kg/ha Paddy subject:8.1kg/ha
Wheel two pairs generate wheels in Paddy and dry twin-purpose  2 pairs travel wheels in Paddy and dry dual-purpose two pairs generate wheels in Paddy and dry twin-objective, one pair observe


 1. Adopting the floating hull construction and lightweight design, the grounding specific stress of the total equipment relative to the hull is equivalent to about one/25 of the grounding strain of the wheeled tractor.

2.Utilizing the 490-495 engine and the vehicle gearbox, the design of the energy consider-off from the gearbox to the higher and lower gear power output box, the initial to obtain a breakthrough in the electricity of the farmer from small energy to higher electrical power and multi-gear shifting and higher and minimal gear electrical power output, To satisfy the requirements of multi-functional work.

three.Adopting solitary-side separation below the management of the steering equipment, front and rear bridge linkage differential transmission technologies, realizes the purpose of four-wheel travel, stepless differential, 360 degree rotation of the total equipment.

4. The hydraulic lifting travel wheel is employed to comprehend the random adjustment of the travel wheel into the mud depth, and the a few-stage suspension hydraulic lifting instrument is utilised to realize the agricultural apply suspension which can be utilized with the tractor.

five. The compared picture between our boat tractor and wheeled tractor

Anon Boat Tractor for Paddy Field Tillage with Implements