Anon Agricultural Riding Tractor 15HP 18HP 20HP Boat Tractor in India

ANON agricultural 15hp 18hp 20hp boat tractor sizzling offering in India

This boat tractor is our new merchandise, the machine frame is boat formed, a equipment body is organized in the boat human body a riser at the front finish of the equipment frame, a equipment box on the equipment body positioned at the tail of the boat a cultivation roller on the gear box an functioning lever at the dynamic drive aspect of the equipment box an armrest is fixed at the entrance stop of the gear box a still left and a proper separating functioning levers on the floor of the equipment box a mudguard on the equipment box in a straddling way a seat penetrates through the mudguard and is mounted on the gear box the dynamic force is transferred to a belt pulley through a belt and to the equipment box so as to driving the cultivation roller. The boat tractor can be suitable for the paddy area cultivation of distinct houses in mountains, plains, hills and lake districts. Fundamental implements for this equipment are: disc plough, fertilizer applicator, rake and roller.

Specification of Highly Working Efficiency 15hp 18hp 20hp Boat Tractor




Slide boat,wheeled



H18 diesel motor


Rated power



Rated speed



Fuel consumption


Overall dimension(L*W*H)


Wheel tread


Minimum ground clearacne


Minimum turning radius


Structure weight


Minimum running weight


Theoretical speed for paddy cultivation

5.2  7.3  9.4km/h (CZPT)


four.1km/h (Reverse)

Theoretical speed for land transportation

10.3  fourteen.5  eighteen.1km/h (CZPT)


8.1km/h (Reverse)

Driving wheel:rotational speed of rotary tillage blade

1 : 3.6

Detail  of Highly Doing work Effectiveness 15hp 18hp 20hp Boat Tractor

 farm equipment 16hp 18hp 20hp electricity tiller going for walks tractor with farm implements.

Anon Agricultural Riding Tractor 15HP 18HP 20HP Boat Tractor in India