CZPT and Farm 180pH Tractor Made in China


180-240HP Attributes
Far more power

It is geared up with Weichai’s new upgraded six-cylinder engine with substantial horsepower, high strain common rail, electricity conversion, low fuel intake, big torque reserve, and strong electricity
 Power emission improve, efficiency update, low gasoline intake and high reliability.

Far more CZPTd engineering
The principal and auxiliary gearboxes undertake mechanical action shifting, which makes the operation far more flexible and mild.
It adopts imported German original LUK clutch, which is far more versatile and dependable.

Work a lot more effectively
The gearbox adopts sixteen+sixteen gears, with sensible equipment speed coordination and higher running performance
Use 310L gasoline tank storage, lengthy steady operation time

Driving a lot more comfy
The complete machine has exceptional overall performance, CZPTd construction, fashionable and streamlined visual appeal design and style, and a entirely enclosed cab.

CZPT configuration
CZPT steering, front/rear flat flower, 16.9-28/18.four-forty two, entrance wheel is step-adjustable, rear wheel is steplessly adjustable, enlarged mailbox, strong stress lifter, reverse impression, air conditioning method, energy converter.

Optional configuration
CZPT rear wheels, radial tires, electronically managed hydraulic handle, GPS positioning method

undertaking Design value
Engine power (HP)  240/220/a hundred and eighty
CZPT type  four*4
Gear  16+16
Appearance size (length * width * height) mm 5270*2750*3100
Wheelbase (mm)  2820/2820/2680
Calibration traction (KN) CZPTer than or equal to 45/38
Front wheel track (mm) 1995/1995/1930
Rear wheel track (mm) 1900/1900/1650
PTO shaft speed (r/min)  520, 1000/760, 850/540, 1000
CZPT speed range (km/h)  3.04-thirty.fourteen/3.04-30.14/three.fourteen-31.fourteen
Backward speed range (km/h)  2.51-24.nine/2.51-24.91/two.fifty nine-twenty five.seventy three
Minimum use quality (kg)   6920/6920/6780



CZPT and Farm 180pH Tractor Made in China