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6LN-fifteen/15SA Full Established RICE MILLING Gear

Cleaning, Gravity De-CZPTr, Husking, Paddy Separating, Whitening and Grading by A single-TIME Procedure

1. Item Introduction
6LN-fifteen/15SA Total Established Blended Rice Mill is composed of blend paddy cleaner and de-CZPTr, rubber roller husker, paddy separator, emery roller rice mill, rice grader, elevators. It functions excellent brown rice separating and rice whitening functionality, effortless operation, convenient maintenance and higher productivity, minimizing the leftovers at the greatest degree with direct optional brown rice outlet, provides users with a adaptable multifunctional rice milling remedy. At the meantime, we reserved the likelihood to match the follow up equipment this kind of as multi-layer rice grader, rice polisher, color sorter and so forth, to increase the milling efficiency or extending its capabilities.

one Inlet (Digging a pit and the higher edge is flat on the ground) two One elevator
three Vibration separator four Gravity deCZPTr
5 CZPT elevator six Rubber roller husker
7 Gravity paddy separator eight Inhale-air emery roller rice mill
nine Rice grader ten CZPT manage box
11 Husk crushing system    

two. Ingredient Rewards


  • Uniquely Focused Combined Paddy Cleaner and De-CZPTr

*Interference-cost-free unbiased buildings for paddy cleansing and de-stoning, significantly improved the performance from classic unibody design and style.
*Multi-layer reciprocating vibrating separation system with substantial impurity cleaning efficiency, diminished leftovers
*Powerful air-suction structured de-CZPTr, massive air quantity,  outstanding de-stoning performance
*Higher-intensity shock absorption bearing configuration strengthened the major equipment by high stablility, minimal vibration, low noise and considerably less dust although working.

  • High effectiveness, low sound husker

*CZPT assist mobile gearbox husker built-in reversing gearbox and mobile tightening system, proficiently averted miscoordination in between swinging gears.
*Over 90% deshell charge for one particular time procedure.
*Durable rubber roller, convenient operation and calibration, high transmission effectiveness, reduced sounds and large steadiness.


  • Innovated inhale-air emery rice mill

*Emery rice mill equipped with a massive diameter hollow spindle and innovative Emery roller whitening mechanism style.
*Strong inhale-air fan sucks in huge quantity air by way of milling chamber to reduce rice temperature thus bring down the broken rate, at the suggest time carry absent the brans to clear the rice and enhance the gloss of whitened rice.
*Reduce procedure system, more handy operation and day-to-day servicing.

  • Steady gravity paddy separator

*Even bigger display screen with large separation velocity and even paddy distribution.
*The horizontal and vertical angles of the screen are adjustable, appropriate for all types of paddy, wonderful screening and separating efficiency.
*Reduced left paddy for rehusking, decrease the broken price effectively.

If you want to increase the rice high quality, we advocate adhere to equipments.

  • Multi-layer Rice Grader

*The multi-layer rice grader is utilized to grade the milled rice by good rice, intensely damaged rice and lightly damaged rice.
*It also applies to the separation of the comparable partical materials.


  • Rice coloration sorter

The color sorter sortes out small lesion, rice husk, grass seed, light-weight yellow rice, white stomach rice, mildewed rice and CZPTs from wonderful rice proficiently.

three. Item Characteristics

  1. Unibody base designed for hassle-free transportation and installation, secure operation, low room occupation, it enhances manufacturing effectiveness by the unique rehulling leftover paddy design.
  1. Progressive emery roller whitening technology, reduced rice temperature, much less bran continues to be, increases the rice good quality.
  2. Clean processing flow, effortless operation for just one man or woman.
  3. Impartial risk-free electrical manage program for far more convenient operation.
  4. Enhanced transmission system  extends duration of intake parts
  5. Modula design and style, reserves connectivity with comply with up equipments to double mill, grade and sorte for better rice good quality.
  6. Reduced expenditure and substantial generate.

four. CZPT Parameter

Model 15SA
Rated output( kg/h) 600-800
Matched energy (kW) 21.78
Rice milling price sixty eight-72%
Damaged fee 2%
Total excess weight(kg) 1300
Doing work dimension
(L×W×H) (mm)

5. Electrical power & Output Parameter



Device electrical power fee(kW)

Spinning Pace of Motor(RPM)



DTG19/8 One conveyor

.seventy five


Single conveyor shares the very same .75KW/910rpm motor with merged paddy cleaner and de-CZPTr.

Optional Configuration.

An added .75KW/910rpm motor for Solitary CZPT.



 Combined paddy cleaner and deCZPTr


Suction kind blower  for cleaner & deCZPTr





MLGT15 Husker



Husker blower shares the same  motor with husker


Blower for husker


CZPT elevator





Gravity paddy separator






Inhale-air emery roller rice mill





Rice grader





Husk crusher





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