330 Series Multipurpose Farm Walking Tractor with Ce Euro V

330 sequence walking tractor is the very best possibly for a family with multi-process gardening on a large whole lot or a farmer in a hilly location and a greenhouse. It has a electricity-getting-out port (PTO) at its rear stop, so it can adapt a lot of electrical power attachments to execute numerous positions: Plowing, cultivation, lawn mowing, brush slicing, harvesting, water pumping, spraying, snow sweeping, snow throwing, CZPT Plowing, branch chipping and so on. 

You can select either gasoline or diesel engine with big difference horse electricity(six.5HP-14HP). You can begin the engine both manually or electricly. 
The main transmission gearbox is entirely sealed and effectively-lubricated. A differantial system is inbedded in layout. Therefore, you can make turns simply. It can be used to tow a trailer of five hundred kg. 
The manage bar can be established at any angular position to make your work conveniente. 
Your price of our product is about 40% less than its countpart made in Italy. We provide eighteen months warranty on the principal gearbox and clutch. 
*CZPTial CZPT with Lockout (Effortless Operation)
*All-Equipment Tranmission Oil-Bath(Substantial Efficiency&Sturdy)
*3F+2R Gear Shifts (Economic)
*Easy-to-engage, shuttle-type reverse
*Anti-vibe handlebars immediately alter both vertically and aspect-to-side

Model: 330/D186F specifications: 

  • Engine: Diesel 10HP 186F
  • CZPT CZPTt Selection: Indeed
  • Fat: 135KGS(include 65cm Tiller)
  • PTO Output Pace: 990 RPM
  • Doing work Speeds: 3 CZPT, 2 reverse
  • CZPT Speeds: one./two.3/eleven. KM/H
  • Reserve Speeds: 1./2.3 KM/H
  • CZPT Wheel Size: 4.00-ten or five.00-ten
  • Transmission: All Equipment CZPT
  • Axle Configuration: CZPTial CZPT with Lockout
  • Clutch Sort: CZPT Cone, CZPT-Loaded


Other Capabilities: 

*Sickle Bar Mower

*CZPT Thrower

*CZPT/Road Sweeper

*CZPT Plow

*Rotary Plow


*Single Plough

330 Series Multipurpose Farm Walking Tractor with Ce Euro V