200A-3 CZPT Oil Expeller

200A-3 CZPT Oil Expeller

one. Solution description
200A-3 screw oil expeller is extensively applies for oil pressing of rapeseeds, cotton seeds, peanut kernel, soybean, tea seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc.. If alter the internal pressing cage, which can be employed for oil pressing for low oil content supplies such as rice bran and animal oil materials. It is also the main machine for second pressing of substantial oil articles materials these kinds of as copra. This device is with large market place share.
The 200A-three oil press equipment is largely comprised of feeding chute, pressing cage, urgent shaft, equipment box and primary body, and so on.. The materials enters the urgent cage from the chute, and be propelled, squeezed, turned, rubbed and pressed, the mechanical power is transformed into warmth vitality, and steadily expels the oil out, the oil flows out the slits of pressing cage, gathered by the oil dripping chute, then flows into oil tank. The cake is expelled out from stop of the machine. The device is with compact structure, moderate flooring location consumption, easy servicing and procedure.

two. Characteristics
1.It is conventional oil urgent machine that specially developed for pre-urgent approach.

two.All the easily worn areas of this machine these kinds of as principal shaft, pressing worms, cage bars, gears, are made by good good quality alloy steel with harden therapy on the area, which is quite sturdy.

3.The machine can be equipped with auxiliary steam tank, which can adjust the pressing temperature and drinking water content of seeds, so as to get increased oil generate.

4.Continuous routinely work from feeding, cooking till oil and cake discharging, the procedure is straightforward and handy.

five.Massive manufacturing capacity, workshop floor area and energy intake are saved, the upkeep and procedure is effortless and hassle-free.

six.The cake is of unfastened composition, assist the solvent permeate the cake, and the oil and h2o content of cake is ideal for solvent extraction.

three. CZPT parameters

one.Within diameter of steaming kettle: Ø1220mm

2.Stirring shaft velocity: 35rpm

3.Steam force: 5-6Kg/cm2

four.Diameter of urgent bore: Front area Ø180mm, Rear section Ø152mm

5.Urgent worn pace: 8rpm

six.Feeding shaft speed:69rpm

seven.Pressing time in cage: 2.5min

8.Seed steaming and roasting time: 90min

nine.Max.temperature for seed steaming and roasting:125-128ºC

ten.Ability: 9-10ton for every 24 hrs (with rapeseeds or oil sunflower seeds as sample)

11.Oil content of cake: 6% (Below normal pre-treatment method)

12.Motor power:eighteen.5KW, 50HZ

13.Overall dimensions(L*W*H): 2850*1850*3270mm

fourteen.Net excess weight: 5000kg
Capacity(The processing capacity for uncooked seeds)

Name of oil seed Ability(kg/24h ) Residual oil in dry cake(%)
Rape seeds 9000~12000 six~seven
Peanuts 9000~10000 five~six
Sesame seed 6500~7500 7~7.5
Cotton beans 9000~10000 five~six
Soya beans 8000~9000 five~six
Sunflower seed 7000~8000 6~seven
Rice bran 6000~7000 6~seven

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200A-3 CZPT Oil Expeller