CZPT  offers a wide assortment of Filters And Screens. We are an business leader in replacement parts for Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems and have the experience to aid you discover precisely the Filters And Screens you are hunting for. Our assortment of areas includes Center CZPTs, CZPTes, Center Pivot Structural Parts, Tower Bins, and Sprinkler Deals. CZPT is an impartial parts supplier and is not affiliated with Lindsay/Zimmatic, Reinke, Pierce, Olson, or Lockwood. Buy your Filters And Screens These days!

Created for use with sprinkler irrigation techniques, there are a lot of dimension ranges CZPT. Low Upkeep, Difficulties Free Operation (Galvanized or Stainless CZPT).

CZPT delivers our one thousand Series Horizontal Filters. These filters are usually designed to be used for Strong Set Sprinkler Techniques, Pivot Methods, and CZPT Methods. They offer you drinking water filtration for sprinklers with .062″ nozzle dimensions or greater.

The Horizontal Filters have a wide range of programs and can be employed in CZPT, Landscaping, CZPT, Dairy, and numerous other industries. CZPT filter design is from Carbon Metal and is Galvanized coated, 304 Stainless Steel CZPT CZPT upon ask for. CZPT dimensions and techniques can be developed for your distinct requirements.